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The "at home" Mini Aromatherapy Facial

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

We've all heard how "easy" selfcare can be but if you still aren't convinced I'm going to show how with some very simple steps and easy to use products! The benefits of this quick routine is that you really only need 15-30mins and can do it from the comfort of your own home. We're going to use only 3 products - so for under $70 you will have months & months worth of facials!

Pink Clay Mask $18.95 - now this beauty is in powder form so that we don't need to add unnecessary preservatives. This mask is suitable for all skin types and is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins C & E, it refines & purifies the skin and will leave you feeling hydrated, fresh & your looking very supple.

Sunshine Mist $17.95 - this is not typically a toner however, I find it really works wonders on undernourished skin, is a great antiseptic and tonic PLUS it smells divine so you will reap the aromatherapy benefits also, as it helps to dispel stress & anxiety (just try to avoid sun exposure to the face after using it as citrus oils can cause sun sensitivity)

Facial Oil $29.95 - Dry/Sensitive, Normal or Oily Skin Types

Our divine facial oils absorb beautifully leaving a satin finish on the skin, they are hydrating, calming, nourishing, loaded with nutrients and SO so much more. Each one is totally different, designed to do different wonders depending on your skin type. Oily skin types - please do not fear using an oil based serum/moisturiser! there are a lot of misconceptions around oily products. A lot of OTC products strip the skin of its natural oils and barriers, causing the glands to produce more oil which leads to breakouts, acne & so on.


You will need a bowl for the mask and if you don't have a mask brush don't stress, simply mix with a spoon and apply the mask to your face with your fingers. You will also need a face washer to rinse the mask and something to keep your hair off of your face.


Clean your hands then your face & decolletage with your regular cleanser.

Using your Sunshine Mist, spray directly onto face & decolletage - keep your eyes closed while doing and allow to dry. Take in a few deep breaths and allow the essential oils properties to absorb into your body.

Scoop out one teaspoon of your mask and add it to your bowl - replace lid straight away as you don't want any moisture getting into the jar. Mix a few drops at a time of either a herbal tea (rosehip, chamomile or green tea are loaded with

additional benefits that will boost your mask), floral water or water to create a paste consistency. Apply evenly all over the face & decolletage avoiding eye contact. Now it really is up to you how long you leave it but I suggest between 10-20mins - as long as your mask has dried. With a warm face washer, gently wipe away the mask HELLO GLOWING SKIN!

This is my favourite part! if you are familiar with some facial massage techniques or have a Gua Sha or Jade Roller, you can use these them now to help with the Facial Oil absorption, if not here are some basic tips. Apply a few drops of your oil to the palms of your hands and apply to face, ensuring that you cover everywhere.

FOREHEAD - Stretch your neck by bending your head back and holding for a count of six while you open your eyes wide and raise your eyebrows. With head upright, place your index fingers next to one another on the bridge of the nose and stroke upwards, one after the other from brow to forehead. On every sixth stroke, take one finger out firmly along each brow and press into the temple for a count of three. Repeat several times. Then, using the flat of your hand, palm-stroke up the forehead.

EYES - Place each index finger at the outer eye corner, then move them gradually along the under eye, making gentle inward presses for a count of three until you the tear ducts. Use very light pressure. Repeat along the top eyelids on the brow bone. Don’t stretch or drag, rather press in, lift, then press again. Place the heel of each hand over each eyes and gently press. Count for 20. Finally, screw your eyes tightly closed and hold for a count of five. Then open them wide and roll the eyes in slow circles three times in each direction.

JAWLINE - Stretch the neck by bending the head to one side, hold for a count of 10, then repeat on the other side. Hold your head straight, use the backs of the fingertips to stroke from collarbone up to chin in a rhythmic, flowing movement. Then, with palms facing upwards, use the first three fingertips of each hand to do a light, outward flick under the chin. In a rapid drumming motion across the jaw line from ear to ear. With thumbs and index fingers, lightly pinch along the jawbone from chin out to earlobes. Repeat back to the middle of the chin.

MOUTH - Open your mouth wide and with a relaxed jaw. Move your chin to the left, hold for a count of five then repeat to the right. Place the tips of your little fingers on the middle of your bottom lip, press in, hold for a count of five, then repeat, gradually moving out to the corners of the mouth, then up and over the top lip to the centre of the nose. Repeat as a light stroke.

CHEEKS - Place the palms of your hands against the sides of your face and stroke with a fast, light touch in an upwards direction to stimulate circulation and bring the colour to your cheeks. Repeat strokes using a flowing, firm stretch upwards. Finish by pressing the palms of your hands over your face and holding for a count of 20.

And that is it! whilst the facial massage techniques might seem arduous, a few simple strokes really do make a huge difference to the appearance of the skin. By massaging your face you are stimulating collagen, blood flow, the lymphatic system, it's good for wrinkles and relaxing your facial muscles. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us via email or social media.


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