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Free Outdoor Activities… Sunshine Coast Style

Hey guys! Who doesn’t love a free activity! Especially when it gets you outdoors, soaking up all that fresh air and natures good vibes. When I’m not in my office creating all of your favourite all natural Ritual Wellbeing products, this Sunshine Coast Aromatherapist is either at the gym or outdoors. One of my favourite soul reviving activities is to bush walk, mountain climb and hike. I am blessed to live in the hinterland with some incredible walking tracks and mountains within walking distance to the Ritual Wellbeing headquarters.

Now if this is something new to you, the Dularcha National Park offers some fantastic beginner and intermediate tracks. Ranging from a straight walk on flat ground to quite challenging ups and downs. All of the tracks are quite wide and there are signs along the way. I do recommend taking a photo of the map before you go though, especially if you are directionally challenged like myself lol. There are several tracks you can build your confidence on before attempting the ‘big one’ and you’ll get to learn about some local history while you are there. Did you know that there is a decommissioned train tunnel in the middle of the bush that was built in the 1920’s? pretty cool huh!

Getting outdoors and amongst nature is so good for you on so many levels… physically, mentally and emotionally. Tapping into nature and the serenity these destinations offer is so rewarding. I find a good hike with or without friends creates clarity, perspective and refreshes your emotional wellbeing.

If you are new to bushwalking, there’s a few things to remember before you go though…

good shoes, appropriate clothing, plenty of water, your Ritual Wellbeing Bug Off Mist, your Ritual Wellbeing Muscle Balm, healthy snacks and sun protection. Always be mindful and on the lookout for wildlife too! Just because you can’t always see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

So, if you are wondering what to do this weekend, look up some local locations, grab the kids or get the friends together and get out there! Try something new, or perhaps do something you haven’t done for a while!

When you are done and you are feeling totally amazing and accomplished go home and reward your body with a long soak in the tub with either your beautiful Ritual Wellbeing Soothing Bath Salts, Sleepy Head Bath Salts or Boudoir Massage Oil and reflect on all the beauty of nature right at our doorstep.


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